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Like you, we wanted more out of life. We were frustrated with stagnant careers that offered limited freedom to control our own lives, time, and money. Success shouldn't be this hard. So, we founded Bonvera® – a premium health, wellness, and lifestyle company that offers independent entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own Bonvera® businesses. We've helped more than 10,000 people become successful Bonvera® entrepreneurs and we can help you as-well. If you've ever dreamed of being your own boss, it's time to consider becoming a Bonvera® entrepreneur. Find your purpose.

Who We Are;
Entrepreneurs • Servant Leaders • Kind • Loyal • Approachable Transparent • Modern • Values-Oriented • Family Friendly Health Conscious • Innovative • Global Ambassadors • Generous Teachers • Lifelong Learners

Ami Wellness provides handcrafted products made with the utmost care - uniting plants and people for better well-being. We believe in transparency, efficacy, and purposeful ingredients, so you can feel better and live better.

Made by Bonvera®, the Bonvera At Home line of household and hygiene products are made with the finest ingredients that are safe to use around families, children, and pets and are designed for a clean and sleek home.

The Phyzix MD line of products was formulated by Dr. Jeff Davis with this in mind, providing families the nutritional support they need through science-backed vitamins, supplements and protein powders made from natural, premium ingredients. Phyzix MD products ensure the body's optimal wellness with a full range of products from multivitamins to a detoxifying cleanse to an immune system boost and metabolism support.

Free of THC, Cinnamon CBD Tincture delivers a sublingual therapeutic alternative which may help to ease anxiety and could help to improve sleep. CBD Isolate is pure cannabidiol without any other trace elements from the plant which helps to relieve feelings of stress. Cinnamon Bark Oil is highly revered, due to its versatile therapeutic properties. It can be used to boost immune system function, support oral health, relieve sore muscles, and support heart health.

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All-natural, vegan skin care.
Immediate Visible Results | Safe For All Skin Types | Paraben-Free | Dermatologist Tested | Non-Comedogenic | Cruelty-Free | Gluten-Free | Vegan

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