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All-natural, vegan skin care.
Immediate Visible Results | Safe For All Skin Types | Paraben-Free | Dermatologist Tested | Non-Comedogenic | Cruelty-Free | Gluten-Free | Vegan

Luebella Hydra-Plump Serum is made of four simple ingredients for sensitive skin and skin in need of hydration and moisture. Composed of 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid, it helps bind water to skin to improve hydration and may support the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Contact your Bonvera entrepreneur to purchase. Sync ID: MB013AKWAEPX36H Continue Reading

Everyday we're aging, but we can support the anti-aging process with incredible skincare products, like Luebella Collagen Boost Serum. Made with 1% All-Trans Retinol, it's made to promote cellular turnover and support new collagen production. It's made to support little to no irritation, and it's made with active antioxidants to minimize collagen degradation. Collagen is the building — — Continue Reading

The Luebella Flawless System is designed for sensitive skin to promote texture, brighten, and infuse skin with vital nutrients. It emphasizes hydration and a healthy glow for your skin. The Luebella Flawless System contains the Cleanse, Vita-C Moisture, Hydra-Plump Serum, and Br[EYE]ten Eye Cream. Purchase today with your Bonvera entrepreneur. Sync ID: MB013AKWAEPX36H Continue Reading

Made with soothing aloe and cucumber extract, the Luebella Bamboo Scrub is designed as a gentle exfoliator to sweep away dirt and debris on your face. It's a stand alone product in the Luebella Clean Skincare line with Bonvera, sold exclusively with a Bonvera entrepreneur. Talk to your Bonvera entrepreneur today to learn more about how to — — Continue Reading

Luebella Drench is made to deliver plumping moisture to your skin. Its ingredients like borage seed oil, fatty acids, germ oil, and rice bran pack in additional moisture while maintaining the skin's natural lipid barrier. It also contains vitamin C, E, and rosemary to provide antioxidant support. Contact your Bonvera entrepreneur to purchase. Sync ID: MB013AKWAEPX36H Continue Reading

Luebella Vita-C Moisture delivers antioxidant support via L-Ascorbic Acid and works together with Vitamin E and C for collagen protection. It boosts skin's hydration and conditioning. Available through a Bonvera entrepreneur only, so talk to one today to purchase! Sync ID: MB013AKWAEPX36H Continue Reading

The Luebella Cleanse is an everyday essential for washing your face. It purifies your skin with citric acid and supports the skin's natural lipid layer with fruit extracts. It's safe for all skin types and key for hydrating skin. It's sold exclusively through a Bonvera entrepreneur, so contact yours today to purchase. Sync ID: MB013AKWAEPX36H Continue Reading